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Demek Vs. Söylemek

These two verbs demek and söylemek mean to say, to tell but sometimes we need to choose the right one to avoid grammatical errors.

I told that I will go.
There are three ways to tell this sentence in Turkish

1) Gideceğimi söyledim

2) Dedim ki gideceğim

3) Gideceğim dedim

(If you want to read about the uses of "ki" here is the detailed explanation.
The first and the third ones are more common to say.)

So what is the rule?

If you tell "exactly what you told" to someone (Gideceğim = I will go), then you choose the verb "demek". Otherwise söylemek always works. In some sentences demek can also work but to make it sure I would recommend you to choose "söylemek" unless you quote some words.

(If the sentence you tell your audience has a verb, the grammar changes a bit with the verb söylemek. You can read about it here.)

-- > If you read a book, you see the verb "demek" when there is a conversation:

The mother said; "I am happy".
Anne; "Mutluyum" dedi.
*söylemek version: Anne mutlu olduğunu söyledi.

He told me that he is going today.
Bana "Bugün gidiyorum" dedi.
Bana bugün gideceğini söyledi.

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